renewable combustibles

We actively respond to climate change! Through the industrial processing of wood, wood by-products are not only used for wood-based panels but also serve as CO2-neutral fuels produced on an industrial scale. By trading fuels while optimizing haulage, we make a significant contribution to tackling climate change. In addition to this, we exclusively source products from companies that use wood from sustainably managed forests.
Your benefits:
  • CO2-neutral fuels
  • certified pellet dealer
  • optimized transport
  • tested products only
ENplus certified pellet dealer
Over the years we have become acquainted with different pellet productions and understand the critical quality parameters for the production of high quality pellets. The pellets recommended and marketed by us are carefully selected products that meet your quality requirements.

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Briquettes of the highest quality
Briquettes are the covenient, modern way of heating with tiled stoves and open fireplaces. The handy shapes allow for efficient transport and storage due to highly compressed and space-saving packaging.
We offer briquettes in the highest quality. Our range of products have been tested over the years and show a low ash content as only bark-free and natural raw materials are used.

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Experience the feeling of warmth and cosiness with firewood
Wood is a CO2 neutral and renewable fuel that reduces the consumption of fossil fuels. Classic firewood for fireplaces and tiled stoves enjoy increasing popularity and give a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

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Wide range of grades
For the supply of heating plants as well as large industrial and commercial enterprises, we also offer energy logs and wood chips of different quality classes, depending on your requirements.

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