Our company-

Our company

Danubia Wood Trading has many years of experience in forestry, wood industry and timber trade.

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GMG-Energieholz was founded in 2008 in order to create and combine synergies from trading of different energy wood products such as pellets, briquettes, firewood and energy logs and to be valuable and versatile partner for our suppliers as well as customers. Nowadays, our brand "GMG" for pellets and briquettes is established in Central and Southern Europe and represents high-quality products.

Renaming to GM - Energy and Wood due to the expansion of the sawnwood product range and expansion of sales activities in Europe.
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To realize the vision of an international timber trading company, the shareholder structure has been expanded and the company renamed to Danubia Wood Trading. We have been carrying the name that fits our philosophy and orientation for years, because just like the Danube, the largest river in Europe, we combine different cultural and economic areas. Since time immemorial, the Danube has served as a trade route for wood transports. The versatility, the connecting and the dynamic are our relation to wood and its distribution throughout the world.
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Our extensive and versatile knowledge is our engine for growth and the expansion of business fields and markets. Over the years, we have grown steadily and have come together with other internationally experienced enterprises in our industry, like a big river with a steady and consistent determination. We have also expanded our product portfolio with logs and wood polymer products (WPC).